Walking down the sidewalk with my toddler is like herding a cat.

The willful independence of children in these early years leaves me feeling proud one second and petrified the next, so The Busybee developed out of necessity for me. I just wanted to walk down the sidewalk without the feeling that their little hand could pull away, and them, into the oncoming traffic. I like walking with my kids - it’s fun - it’s also a great way for them to burn off all that energy, rather than being pushed around in a stroller.

My Mom insisted that I try a walking harness explaining that she depended on it when going downtown with her munchkins (like me) back in the day, touting it gave her “peace of mind.” Honestly, I wasn’t too keen on hooking my kids up to reins, prancing down the street, but the safety of my child eventually won that internal debate, especially since we live downtown. It’s a car-centric city where often drivers don’t see (or care about) pedestrians. And tots really don’t know where the sidewalk ends and the road begins.

What I found out there, were “harnesses” that really did look like leashes, made from rough, synthetic materials. Fit for a dog perhaps, but not a child - and although they were useful, they were gosh-darn ugly.

So one day I thought (and my mom thought),“I can do better.” Two children and three birthdays later The Busybee was finally born *sigh* and “ta-da!”

I sourced playful Designer patterns and combined it with the idea that “everyone loves denim”. The reversibility feature creates a great look with any outfit, and the soft cotton fabric ensures the feel is always comfortable. It’s light, easy to use, and the kidlets love the freedom they gain wearing it. Whether you’re strolling down the avenue, jostling though a crowd, traveling to Timbuktu, have your hands full with jarred pickles, picking up leaves in the bumpy woods or trudging through the ice and snow,

The Busybee is your solution. It has been safety and quality tested, so on top of all that, you know that your babe is not only stylish, but secure buzzing around the big world with you.

The innovation of The Busybee was developed by Connie. An artist by nature; her background includes dance, directing, acting and hosting children’s television. She likes bonfires and bright stars as much as thoughtful design and good taste. Her restless creativity has led to this, her latest creation.

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