Toddlers love to walk and run and The Busybee lets them do it with support and style. It encourages exercise, balance and hands-free exploration, while preventing nasty falls and risky dashes. Watch your toddler gain self-confidence and experience freedom of movement all within arms reach!

Whats the Buzz?

Ideal For:

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  1. Busy Sidewalks, Shopping malls, Subways, Airports and Traveling

  2. Pregnant Moms, or walking with more than one child

  3. Parents with Back Pain to ease bending over

  4. Grandparents and Nannies who welcome a little extra Help

  5. Eliminating Tugging and Twisting on little arms and hoods

  6. Purse or pocket for easy access and Portability

  1. 100% Cotton

  2. Hand Wash/Hang Dry

  3. Made in Canada, Designed by a Mama

  4. Adjusts to Fit

  5. From Walking to 3 Years

  6. Quality and Safety Tested and Certified

Bee Basics: